UVM’s Johnson House – Sept 3, 2010

Matt and Bryan setting up equipment, explaining to camera men Abram Corbett and Andy Gordon, what needs to be done. The thumping sounds we got in response to Bryan’s requests still seems too easy. See video from our camcorder and audio recording below. Must use headphones to hear the thumps.

This is VSDA’s first ghost hunt at UVM (University of Vermont), and we have Thea Lewis of Queen City GhostWalk to thank for setting it up.

VSDA is grateful to Jon Erickson for opening Johnson House for us, and being our host. Jon is Professor of Ecological Economics at Professor of Ecological Economics at The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Environmental Program. He is also Managing Director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics.

Pat Erickson joined her husband Jon in hosting VSDA and became a valuable and enthusiastic ghost hunter. Pat is also faculty at UVM.

Dr. Jay Allen’s family goes back 3 generations in this house, which was moved twice from it’s original location. Joseph Allen (10/16/1799-10/12/1878) – Jays Great Grandfather died in the home, and so did at least one other family member. Jay is the 4th Jay Dana Allen. Dr. Allen teaches Our Belief Systems: Paranormal Phenomena at UVM. It was an honor to have Jay join us in his ancestral home.

Abram Corbett works for Channel 3 News when he’s not filming other events like ghost hunting with VSDA. For more information on his Videography/Editing Services, visit http://zimram.com/.

Thea's Ghost Mobile
Thea’s Ghost Mobile
University of Vermont - Johnson House

University of Vermont – The Johnson House in its third (and final?) location.

Johnson House sign

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