Wilson Castle – December 10, 2010


Back row: Robin Doolen (contest winner), Bryan Hallett, Thea Lewis, Matt, Linda. Front row: Gloria, Jesse & Carter Chila, Kate Chila, Hannah

Wilson Castle was an incredible experience (albeit freezing cold). VSDA thanks Carter Chila and his mother Kate for setting up the investigation, and Linda, a very dear friend of the Wilson family, for opening the castle, tending the fire and being a very adaptable hostess; catering to our needs (warmth!), and answering endless questions. 

Before we get to Hannah Hawley’s report below, Please support the castle anyway you can! No definite scientific evidence that the castle is haunted was found, but everyone agrees, Wilson Castle is enchanting, a real marvel. If you haven’t visited it, please show your support and get there before it’s too late. Denise Davine, granddaughter of Herbert Lee Wilson, has vigorously attempted to restore the castle but needs help.

Also, scroll down for the pictures, after Hannah’s story:

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On December 10, 2010, Vermont Spirits Detective Agency experienced one of the coldest nights of their investigation when they spent the night in Wilson Castle.  The temperature hovered around 30 degrees inside the building, and that was within 6 feet of the roaring fireplace.  Despite the cold, it was a great investigation in a beautiful location, thanks to Carter Chila and his mom Kate.  Carter wanted to prove to his science teacher that ghosts do exist for his project.
Wilson Castle is located in Proctor, Vermont up on a hillside.  There are turrets, stained glass windows, a wrap around marble porch, and three floors of incredible rooms; there is also a stable, an aviary, and the glass house on the property.  Dr and Lady Johnson built the castle for $1.3 million; unfortunately the castle was repossessed due to the high cost of maintaining such a building.  The castle was bought and sold several times before landing in the hands of Herbert Lee Wilson, an AM radio pioneer.  It was his family that gave the castle the name it is known by today.  The radio that Mr. Wilson installed is still in the old stable and operational.  The property has been passed down through the generations and is still owned by a Wilson heir. As was the case when the Johnson’s owned the property, it is very expensive to maintain.  The Wilson’s host a very creepy haunted house in October, rent the property for weddings and functions, and offer tours during the summer and fall, and are still finding that they are in need of more to keep the property.
Driving up to the castle over the snow-covered drive, my breath was taken away when I first saw the castle, her turret, and the porte-cochere; over almost every window that I could see was a beautiful stained glass window.  Entering through the kitchen, the ceilings were high and the details were distinct.  Following the voices, Robin (the EVP contest winner) and I found some of the group huddled around the roaring fire, while others were wandering the castle getting a feel for it.  The character that was bestowed on the interior by the original owners made me take notice.  There didn’t appear to be any detail that hadn’t been thought about.  The basement had endless rooms, approximately 15.  There was a ballroom in the attic. Almost every room had a fireplace, and the majority their own bathroom.
We got the investigation underway with the setup of equipment, which kept us warm.  Before long we were broken up into groups, settling in to EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) sessions.  We immediately started hearing voices, and then realized we were able to hear the other teams.  Sound traveled well throughout the castle.  Moving farther apart, we found bats in the basement and the attic; the squeaks and flaps of the wings were enough to keep us on our toes and heads ducked.  The bats also appeared to be pulling at the wallpaper in the attic, attributing to some strange knocking type sounds.
Despite the overall majestic and at times creepy feel of the castle, I had no personal experiences.  Perhaps that was due to my chattering teeth, and the mind numbing cold that overtook my body.
While as of yet, there is nothing concrete for Carter to take back to his science teacher, a full review of the evidence will help to give us more answers.
I do know that I want to go back, I want to experience Wilson Castle in the daylight, in the warmth, and hopefully for another investigation.

All the wood was brought in as logs and carved in the basement. Wood is Honduras Mahogany. Don’t know who the boar is.

Stained glass window from inside with dawn coming through

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