Back Inn Time, St. Albans, Vermont – January 30, 2009

Matt’s notes on Back Inn Time:

Back Inn Time

The VSDA was recently given the opportunity  to investigate the Back Inn Time in St. Albans, Vermont,  for the second time on January 30, 2009. Even though it’s closed for the winter, the owner Pauline, allowed us to have the entire Inn to ourselves for the whole night.
First, a little background. For Gloria and I, Matt, this was our third trip to the inn. We booked a room on November 7, 2008 without telling anyone who we were. That night, we were innocently chatting with Pauline and a guest who had been  at the inn for about a week. About a half hour into our conversation, we had still not revealed who were and the guest told us an amazing paranormal experience she had a couple nights before. This experience included two vaporous apparitions, sounds and other events. Pauline then related some of the experiences that guests and local residents had related to her. We were then asked what we do and of course I replied, “We’re paranormal investigators.”
Later that night as I slept, Gloria heard sounds of furniture being moved, many footsteps and assorted other unusual sounds. We  were able to back up her claim as we caught these on my camcorder, which was left on the whole night.
The first time the whole agency investigated was on November 14, 2008. We had a few personal experiences and caught some good audio evidence. Again, unexplained footsteps, assorted unidentified sounds and the recording of a man weeping (click on Evidence) in a room where a suicide was committed (see picture below – IR camera is set up as well as digital recorders). Room with EVP of sobbing and IR cameraPauline and her son Travis, impressed with our findings, graciously offered for us to return while the inn was closed, which we quickly accepted.
On Friday, January 23rd , Bryan, Megan, Mike, Gloria and I made our second full agency trip to the inn. Gloria and I arrived late in the afternoon and set up the IR cameras. Bryan got there about seven and the three of us went to dinner. After dinner, Bryan entered first, while Gloria and I were outside, attempting to debunk one of Bryan’s claims from the last hunt. When we entered, we found Bryan asking the person who was upstairs to please introduce themselves. Bryan thought he saw someone on the stairs when he first walked in. There was no one (that appeared the whole night if in hiding).

A digital recorder was placed on the stair case. At around 3am, it picked up a weird voice, very alien. Mike put it through Audacity, and it sounded like “you’re all gonna die” but not all of us agreed that’s what it said. Whatever was said doesn’t matter since we each made out different words. It’s the voice that caused more alarm – it sounded electronic, loud and very eerie. None of us heard it with our own ears.

Bryan and Megan at one point were talking to me and said that they heard a heavy breath over my shoulder. I did not hear it myself.

I came back up to the bedroom I was sharing with Gloria at around 4:40am, and about 3 minutes later, while the two of us were laying in bed – we heard gentle footsteps outside our door, pacing on the landing between the two bedrooms. I knew it wasn’t Mike (you would have heard him come up the stairs and he was fast asleep 3 minutes ago). Megan and Bryan were in the bedroom just across the landing, and we would have heard them open their door. We also would know if they were human steps because they are a lot noiser than the steps we heard.

I just kept waiting to see what else would happen like the door opening on it’s own. Gloria turned to me and whispered “do you hear that?”, and I nodded. In the dim light coming from the street, we stared at the door, until the footsteps stopped. They did not go up or down the stairs. They just stopped. Before the footsteps, I heard some shuffling from what appeared to be in our room. Gloria agreed she also heard something but wasn’t sure what.

At around 7am, I leave our bedroom just as Megan and Bryan are leaving their bedroom and the first thing they say is…”did you hear those footsteps outside our doors at around 5am?”.Room that Bryan slept in

We checked the video and there was no one walking in the hallway during that period. Unfortunately, the recorder in the hallway was retrieved earlier for another room that a loud snap was heard from.

Earlier in the evening, I came down the stairs, and started down the hallway when I froze…it sounded like someone came down behind me on the last 4 steps. Mike was at the end of the hallway in our “control room”, and froze as well, because he was looking at me, when he heard the same 4 steps…and saw no one else.

We went up and down the steps and walked the hallway trying to see if the stairs creaked. The stairs did creak but it didn’t sound like footsteps. Mike and I swore, that it was just like someone was walking behind me down the stairs.

Earlier on, we caught on our recorder a man sobbing in the living room where reportedly, a man committed suicide. We caught the sobbing the other time we were there and that’s what convinced Pauline to have us come back. But both times, they are short snippets.

We rarely get to say this, but we’re all in agreement the Back Inn Time is haunted. We hope Pauline allows us to return for another night of paranormal adventure.

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