Chittenden County, Vermont – January 29, 2010

The owner of the home we recently investigated asked that her home not be identified in any way. We will gladly honor her request. VSDA was called to the home after the family had experienced activity for many years. The activity included voices, apparitions, objects moved, mysterious feathers found in the living room and even the appearances of a cat. Most of the activity was benign except the time a car bumper flew across the garage. I believe this only happened once.

David    David, a CVU student working on his senior project, and his teacher Per Eisenman came with me on the investigation. This was David’s second time and Per’s first.
We picked the living room to conduct the first session of the night. After ten minutes or so,  David experienced being hit by a jolt of energy. He described it as a shock that entered his chest and went right through him. It didn’t last long, but I was pleased David was able to have his own personal experience.
After the living room, we spent time in the two bedrooms before returning to the living room. A couple times I thought I heard a woman’s voice, but was unable to catch anything identifiable on our recordings.
After David’s shock, the rest of the night was uneventful. I felt good about the investigation but didn’t expect to find anything in our evidence material.
Lo and behold, we did catch a couple things. While in one of the bedrooms, I asked David to sit on the bed and let me know if he felt anyone sit down . As I was asking him, I stuttered a bit and a voice says, “come up”. I don’t know if this was an invitation to David, but it certainly could be a possibility considering the timing of the request. We did catch the voice on both  digitals and the camcorder. The loudest and clearest  was on my recorder, which was the device furthest away from David. The camcorder  part of the session is at the top of this page.
    Per EisenmanThe next piece of evidence was caught during our second session in the living room. With only 15 minutes left in the investigation, I ask if there was anything the spirits would like me to tell one of the family members.  Immediately, a voice says “help her”. This was very clear and only caught on the recorder used by Per. He was sitting in a chair that bordered the dining and could have come from there.  It is definitely one of the most exciting, yet disturbing EVPs VSDA has caught.
All in all it was a good investigation. After taking some time off, it felt good to back out there investigating the paranormal.

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