Coot Hill again, Crown Point, New York – November 20th, 2009

Crown Point again – November 20, 2009

Matt and Gloria of VSDA decided one windless Saturday afternoon, November 20th, 2009 to drive down to Crown Point, NY again to John Reynold’s camp. We had to take the Charlotte ferry which was free due to the Champlain bridge being suddenly closed to all traffic, including pedestrian, on October 16, 2009. What’s interesting is that we were headed to Crown Point to John’s camp – Matt, Gloria, Bryan and Mike – on October 16 and discovered when we got to the bridge that it had been closed only 3 hours before with absolutely no warning to the locals. We stopped at the Bridge Restaurant to get directions, found out how useless it would be to attempt getting over to NY and the 4 of us had dinner instead. It was one of the rare times that Mike joins us, and the bridge gets closed. Seems ironic.

(Update as of 10/2010 – The Bridge Restaurant has been temporarily renamed the “No Bridge” Restaurant until the new bridge is built).

The bridge closing didn’t stop VSDA from wanting to return to John’s camp though, and we waited for that one windless day to head over. It was just Matt and Gloria. Because of hunting season, we got there at dusk and walked in semi-darkness down a wooded trail that was once a community. Too dark to see the foundations. We did an EVP session there, another one on the road where Bryan and Matt picked up an EVP before in September 18, 2009, another one at the fireplace, and then back on the road again. It was a beautiful crisp night, not as cold as back in September, and comfortable to just stand there in the sliver of moonlight.

No EVP was caught on this investigation though (Matt still thinks there’s one, but Gloria is having a hard time hearing it). Not one, and yet Matt and Bryan got at least 4 on their investigation on September 18th. (hey, oh boy, squeaky toy, and a little girl voice but unfortunately need better editing/downloading software, and wo-man power to do the work).

Chimney that was once part of another houseChimney that was once part of another house
This says it all - DEAD endThis says it all – DEAD end
Farm equipment rusting awayFarm equipment rusting away
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