Coot Hill at Crown Point, New York – September 18, 2009

John Reynolds first called us in the winter of 2009. We finally investigated his camp that’s in a remote part of Crown Point called Coot Hill on September 18, 2009. At one time, a town existed there – basement foundations can still be found in the forest. One of John’s personal experiences was hearing a horse walk on the road when there was no horse. Best to have John tell you the stories….

Our team members Bryan and Matt had several personal experiences such as asking if a pebble can be thrown, and while standing still, hearing a pebble drop, which was caught with our digital voice recorders. As in most cases, the voice recorder picked up what the human ear could not at the time of investigation and is still hard to hear. Therefore, headphones are definitely needed to hear this one little piece of evidence;

VSDA is still undecided on what the sound is – we had several neutral people give us their opinion and received everything from music box, music, little girls’ voice, and even little girl saying “mommy”. Whatever it is, a recorder picked it up one other time, as well as other sounds such as a squeaky toy. This location is out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and the only possibility of contamination is the wind blowing and animals.

Bryan standing outside John Reynold's camp 


Bryan standing outside John Reynold’s camp

Matt walking isolated road in Crown Point, NY investigation 





Matt walking isolated road in Crown Point, NY investigation

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