North Hero again – October 9, 2009

North Hero again – October 9, 2009

Will and Joanne Peacock, and their children Sofie and Will, have been gracious in allowing VSDA to return for a fifth investigation on 10/9/2009. This time, Matt brought David Hebert, a senior at Central Valley High School in Hinesburg, whose senior project and dream is ghost hunting. Matt has been asked by David’s teacher Per Eisenman, to become David’s mentor in his pursuit of the paranormal. This was David’s first investigation. There are 3 EVPs that were caught by either camcorder, digital recorder or both; we have posted two. In the first EVP, a very subtle female voice is physically heard by Matt who says “What was that?”. It was followed by what sounds like “be quiet”. No one in the room heard the second EVP with their own ears, including Matt who has a tendency to hear sounds/voices that no one else hears, but are caught on our recorders. Be sure to use headphones – it’s easier to hear.

This next EVP sounds like a “groan” that was picked up by 2 digital recorders and one camcorder, but not heard by anyone in the room with their own ears, which is amazing, because it’s fairly loud, and if heard by our own ears, would have been “tagged” (verbally noting that something was heard).

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