Southern Vermont College, Bennington, Vermont – September 9, 2011

Southern Vermont College – September 9, 2011

Southern Vermont College held a raffle for students to win an investigation with Vermont Spirits Detective Agency at their college in Bennington, Vermont on September 9, 2011. This school is rich with history, once the home of the prestigious Everett family. Kudos to Karoline Chrzanowski-Sears, Coordinator of Student Programs/Residence Director for inviting us to investigate SVC again (see our investigation of November 12, 2010), and setting up the raffle.Students Lee and Allie won the raffle, and Tyler was our host for the whole evening, as Bryan, Matt and Gloria of VSDA stayed all night, sleeping on makeshift beds (not sleeping at all really).  Having them join us made the investigation all the more interesting and fun, especially when Willie woke himself up by farting and falling off his chair – the calamity creating the biggest “paranormal” experience of the night. Although, Bill’s peering into the window from outside, also caused a ruckus.

Our flashlight flashed on and off twice while we all sat in the theatre. Our K2s also lit up. That’s where we caught an EVP but it’s too faint to post. Matt, Tyler and Sophie felt something brush past them in the 203 classroom, at different times. There were “voices” coming from an adjacent room to the Abbey (third floor) while we all sat there, but whenever Bryan or Lee walked towards the locked doors, the voices dissipated. So, there was “something” but what, is hard to tell and quantify.

So far, review of the rest of the digital recordings, has not revealed any other EVPs. We will be returning to Southern Vermont College on October 28 for the reveal, and hope to have more than humorous ancedotes. We’ll depend on Lee, Tyler and Allie to be our backups for personal experiences.

SVC 9-9-2011 group

Lee, raffle winner, Tyler, our host for the whole night, Karoline and Bill. Bryan had not arrived – he was still finding ways around the devastation left by tropical storm Irene that deystroyed many of the roads in Vermont.

SVC 9-9-2011 best group

Karoline Chrzanowski-Sears

Karoline Chrzanowski-Sears

Allie, raffle winner

Allie, the other raffle winner









SVC 9-9-2011 staircase SVC 9-9-2011 staircase 2   SVC 9-9-2011 lee and tyler SVC 9-9-2011 moonSVC 9-9-2011 jo-anne SVC 9-9-2011 gate SVC 9-9-2011 entrance SVC 9-9-2011 courtyard


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