The Bittersweet, University of Vermont – June 10, 2011

Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghostwalks orchestrated the investigation of June 10, 2011 in one of UVM’s buildings know as the Bittersweet. It was built in 1803 (?), and it was the home of prominent families such as the Tuttles, and later Mr. Wadsworth Smith and his wife Margaret “Daisy” Smith. Daisy and “W” travelled extensively, but after he passed away, Daisy settled in the Bittersweet, and had a Tea Room besides her other business of selling real estate. Thea Lewis

Daisy also had books published and for the investigation, Thea found one and brought it along.

No apparitions were seen the night of our investigation, but it’s been known that an apparition of a woman standing at the top of the stairs has been seen by others. Matt No, Matt has not seen a ghost.

Thea   Thea

 Setting up in the conference room.

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