Three trips to Kip’s House, January – March 2009

Three Trips to Kip’s House, Jan – March 2009

Matt’s notes:

Kip gave us a call about his circa 1855 home in Williston. He had been hearing two-way conversations, random voices and a radio, even though he was home alone. He first became aware of this when he was looking to buy the house,  as he and the building inspector heard two women talking upstairs while they were in the basement. They went up the stairs thinking it was the sellers of the home and found no one there. After Kip moved in, he continued to hear the voices and also a nonexistent radio. These experiences occurred often in the summer but lessened during fall and winter.

FIRST TRIP: Gloria, Bryan and I arrived finding a small house situated in between Route 2 and I-89. Kip and his faithful bulldog Benedict, greeted us warmly and gave us a tour of the house. As he did this, Kip related in greater detail of what he’d been experiencing while living there.

After the tour, Bryan began looking for natural reasons for the occurrences, while taking into consideration, the age and location. One thing that stood out, Kip had no neighbors close enough to be the source of the activity. The house itself, had a basement that seemed to be carved out of the rock of French Hill. Certain types of rock are thought to hold energy spirits need to manifest themselves. I’m not sure if this type of rock is one of those.

For the first session, we decided to split up. The upstairs was small, consisting of two bedrooms, a half bath and the landing for the stairs. Gloria went to Kip’s bedroom, I stayed on the landing and Bryan went to the spare bedroom. We each carried a digital recorder and I set up a night vision camcorder in the spare bedroom that looked  out the door onto the landing. Also, Gloria and I both had K2 meters. Kip and Benedict stayed downstairs.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of noises old houses usually make. But, the traffic more than made up for it. It was going to be difficult to capture anything with amount of cars going past the house.

Soon after we began, Bryan  thought he heard odd noises. Some of these could be attributed to Benedict who was snoring at the bottom of the stairs. Then we both heard what could have been a voice. Bryan asked if I had heard it and said yes, while noting I didn’t think it was  Benedict. Kip affirmed it wasn’t his dog. Bryan said his name and asked if the anyone would like to identify themselves. The session lasted about 20 minutes and we then sh ifted out attention to the spare bedroom.

Gloria and I sat in the bedroom, while Bryan stayed on the landing. I sat on the floor near the closet. The closet was actually more of a storage nook with no doors. As the next session progressed , I began to hear what sounded like a radio off in the far distance. I couldn’t make out anything like music or words. It was just something my ears could detect, but not something I could understand. Later on, Bryan said he heard it too.

For the next three hours or so, we continued our EVP sessions in the basement, living room and upstairs. Then  packed our gear, thanked Kip and Benedict and left for home.

RESULTS: Going over the recordings and camcorder video, we concentrated on the first session because we seemed to have more activity than at other times. The first noise Bryan and both heard was deemed inconclusive. The noise seemed to be out of place for the time and place, but we couldn’t positively say it wasn’t Benedict. We then came to the time when Bryan gave his name and asked for the name of anyone who was there with us. There’s a short pause, then the name, “Steve“, a woman then says something like, “this one’s broken”, then, “Steve” again and finally, “is not”. I caught this on my recorder, but nothing on the other two. As far as the radio noise, none of us were able to capture anything.

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