Timothy Follett House, Burlington VT – Sept 11, 2009

Timothy Follett House, Burlington VT – Sept 11, 2009

Due to the efforts of Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghost Walk, VSDA did an investigation of the Timothy Follett House on September 11, 2009 with Thea, her husband Roger, and VSDA members; Matt, Bryan and Gloria. Roger is instrumental in Thea’s Ghost Walk’s success and her new book Haunted Burlington – Spirits of Vermont’s Queen City.

There were many personal experiences that night such as hearing a woman sing and thumping. Although the singing was heard by Matt and Thea, the recorders did not pick it up. Both investigators were sure the singing was from within the room. The thumping was caught by the recorders as well as heard by our own ears. The source is unknown.

To demonstrate how important it is to gather evidence with video and audio, and not rely on human memory, a number of us thought that a chair had been moved that was facing the window in one of the offices, and the computer monitor was turned on. Our human rationale said no one would leave their computer on, especially knowing there would be investigators there that night.

Well, at least one human would. As it turns out, upon reviewing the videos, the chair was never moved, and the monitor was on the whole time, even when we entered the room. It deflated our excitement that we “caught” something substantial, but also appeased the quest to debunk all we could. A good reminder of our human fallibility.

This is Thea Lewis telling the history of Timothy Follett, his rise to fame and wealth, the grand home he built and his demise:

This is Thea telling some of the incidents that have happened at the Follett House, which has given it it’s reputation as being haunted:


One of many historical pictures on the wallsBurlington in the 1800s – One of many historical pictures hanging on the walls

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