Underhill, Vermont – April 11, 2009

Underhill, Vermont – April 11, 2009

Gloria: On April 11, 2009, we were at a house way back in the woods that once had a train running by. I went for a walk in the woods at dusk by myself, with the owners’ dog Mango. I saw something white go through the woods and instinctively, slowed down to keep Mango from running, because I thought it may be a deer that she would chase. My second thought was a bicyclist with a white shirt because of how it was gliding downhill smoothly, unlike a deer that hops, but these were dirt trails, not smooth paths, and it was getting dark – who would be bicycling around here, and at this time of day??? I still didn’t think much of it, but explored the area and couldn’t find that “trail”. I bumped into Matt and Bryan, and the three of us started back down the path that was once the railroad tracks. We got distracted with looking at where the tracks once crossed over the stream: the two abutments on either side are still standing. I don’t know why we didn’t continue down the path and around the curve where I saw whatever it was. Maybe it was getting too dark to venture further, and the chances of seeing it again were nil.

I still didn’t say much until when we began to dismantle our equipment inside the Sweet/Horvath’s home. I thought I would mention it to the owner Peter, how I just came back from a walk in the woods, and thought I saw either a deer, or a bicyclist wearing a white shirt. As I mulled over my thoughts in describing what I saw to him, I realize how either one didn’t make sense. Peter said that’s what people who have camped on his land have described.

Here’s background from the owner Victoria Sweet:

The house was built about 20 years ago in a plot that was originally 100+ acres. There was a farm house/steam locomotive stop in this area. I’m unable to find anything concrete about the history.The weird things that happen are: my husband built his 2 bay garage close to the site where the locomotive would pick up water, and he has seen a conductor walk through the wall/area. There have been appearances of a black woman in the field outside the house. Things turn on by themselves and simple things move (are placed in one area by us then moved by something else) or, after looking in the original spot numerous times, they finally appear back where they were originally placed. There have been unexplained spectors/shadows as well as bright flashes of light (blinding almost) randomly without cause or explanation.  Victoria

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