Vergennes, Vermont – July 10, 2009

Vergennes, Vermont – July 10, 2009

On July 10, 2009, Matt, Bryan and Will investigated a home in Vergennes. Claims were of the boyfriend being pulled out of bed and waking with scratches; a cabinet door flying open; two young sons, 4 and 6 years old would not sleep in their bedroom; toys flying off the window sills, and toys turning on by themselves. One EVP was detected in which “why” was whispered in response to our question, but it’s barely audible. What’s more convincing of possible activity in this home is the K2 response to questions and the digital voice recorder turning off on its own. See Evidence.

Bryan’s notes:Bryan while investigating

When approached by a client who’s children are frightened by unexplained occurrences in their own home, they are given priority over other cases. This family was at the point of sleeping in one bedroom with the children’s mattresses on the floor at the foot of their mother’s bed. This particular client was unusual in that she had been experiencing things in her home for a while by this point, and had become fairly adept at distinguishing normal from paranormal. She appeared to regard the issue with some skepticism, which heightens her credibility and the legitimacy of what this family was going through.

Claims ranged from toys being activated and making noise on their own accord to scratches on the body of the client’s boyfriend. The anticipation was high on the way to this investigation, regardless of the presence of paranormal activity this client was in need of our assistance.

While being given the tour of the home we searched for the usual culprits of unexplained activity, finding high EMF fields in the kitchen and an open ventilation system, which was likely the cause of noises heard coming from elsewhere in the house. These things do not explain everything however, including the children’s fear of the closet in their bedroom. Their mother tried everything and was at the point of leaving the closet door wide open and its light on with nothing inside the closet, this still did not calm their fears and they are unable to sleep in their room. This closet would prove to give Matt & I one of our most memorable experiences to date

We exercised control measures and attempted to have a second K2 lit on the opposite side of the room, which was unsuccessful for more than 5 minutes. Finally, I asked “well if you are afraid of crossing the room to light this K2 and cross in front of Matt please show us by lighting up the original K2 still on the dresser by the closet.” The K2 by the closet lit immediately, after a significant period of inactivity. On numerous occasions we would wait long periods of time before asking a question to ensure the K2 was only lighting in response to us, at one point it had been more than ten minutes since the last time it had lit. Check out the video of the K2 lighting to ask Matt to return upstairs.

Unfortunately, there can be a downside to being good at what we do. We spend serious time trying to “debunk” our own evidence and our client’s claims. While still exciting in its own right, the video of Matt’s recorder turning off after I directed the entities attention towards it had more to it than what we now know. The recorder that turned off and my own recorder caught what we though was an EVP, as it was very obviously not Matt or I, stating “You’re afraid” after I had said “Maybe you are afraid of the new machine in the closet.” Our spirits soared and consequentially sank when we discovered that the voice was actually a third investigator who had been quiet downstairs for a long time, but found it necessary at exactly that moment to ask a question loudly hoping for an answer on his recorder. Matt & I are proud to know that we will not present evidence unless we have given every effort to disproving it. Fortunately for us, we can’t always explain the things we experience while investigating the paranormal or the anomalies we catch with our equipment. The night was an exciting one, the kind that keeps us coming back for more despite the difficulty of being a legitimate scientific investigation team in this field.

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