Warren, Vermont – November 13, 2009

Warren, VT – November 13, 2009

VSDA did an investigation on November 13, 2009 at a well established restaurant at Sugarbush Ski Resort while it’s still closed for the season.  Claims of the paranormal are a solid apparition of a waiter walking through the crowded tables of the restaurant, a feeling of something hovering over personnel in the prep room, images in the dining room mirror, movement out of the corner of the eye in the kitchen, and just a feeling when entering on some nights. That night didn’t seem to be one of them, according to our host. So far, review of our digital recorders and DVR video have not uncovered any evidence.  We were not able to debunk the claims (no high EMFs) and hard to say with all the mirrors, what affect that can have. We may have to return.

Matt setting up the DVR monitorMatt setting up the DVR monitor

Bryan setting upBryan setting up in the kitchen

Zac helping out with camcorderZac helping out with camcorder

DVR cameraDVR camera setup by Bryan

DVR monitor setup by MattDVR monitor setup by Matt

DVR monitorDVR monitor showing setup of 3 cameras


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