Mt. Washington Resort, NH – April 24-27, 2009

Ghost Hunting Conference at Mt. Washington Resort, NH – April 24-27, 2009

This was the second conference we attended that was hosted by Sci Fi’s Ghost Hunters and other speakers. We got one EVP in the tower room with Laurel McKenney who we partnered with, but can’t be sure it wasn’t one of us, so we chucked it.

Ghost hunting isn’t usually comfortable, not even in the swank Mt. Washington Hotel.

A more plush EVP session with our group, was in the Princess’s bedroom suite. The princess’s grand niece was with us, and told us the story of how her great aunt, Carolyn Foster, of lower social status married a wealthy man, Joseph Stickney, who made his fortune in coal mining and the Pennsylvania Railroad, and built the Resort for her as a wedding gift. The Princess made it her main home after he died. She was called the Princess because in 1908, after her husband died in 1903, Carolyn married Prince Lucinge of France and was now Princess Clarigny de Lucinge. The Prince died at the Battle of Verdun in World War I. The Princess owned hotels in France and Switzerland, and continued to operate The Mount Washington Hotel until her death in the early 1930s. For more information, go to Mount Washington Resort’s History Page.

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